Have You Flipped??? Part 2 of 3


How to Implement

It takes a lot of time to create a 15 minute video. It can be overwhelming for the person just starting out. You might not have the inclination to change your entire class so it is best to start bit by bit. You might want to create short videos lectures for the primary topics covered in your class. In addition, either embed or give hard copies of quiz questions to the students. This will help to verify that your student have indeed viewed the recording prior to class.

Not only is the flipped classroom a drastic change for instructors, there is the same shift for your students. For those students who are over achievers, flipping your classroom is an awesome concept. On the other hand, some students enjoy sitting and listening to a live lecture. It is really important to discuss this with your students. This is not to say that they students have to “agree” to the process. After all, it is your classroom. However, your students should know what your expectations are and that those expectations include them watching the videos and trying to complete the problems PRIOR to the face to face class meeting.

Don’t wait until the end of your class to evaluate the effectiveness of your flipped classroom. If there are areas of your class that need to be improved, do so before you begin a new class. Use the input of your current students to advise what the strengths and weaknesses of the class were. They will be your best gauges of quality.

The upcoming third and final installment of this series will examine some tools that will help you flip the classroom.


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