Have You Flipped??? Part 3 of 3


In parts one and two of this blog entry, we have looked at the why and how of flipping your classroom. In this final installment, let’s take a look at some low cost, no cost software that will make a flipped classroom possible.

I have discussed this app in a previous post. Visit It’s Alive! to learn how easy it is to use an iPad as a whiteboard as well as the ability to send content to the web for your students to review outside of class.

Teacher Tube
Teacher Tube is a website creation of an experienced educator. It covers all grade areas from Kindergarten through post-secondary. During a recent search of the phrase “cardiovascular system no less than 40 videos were found in its library. This is a free website that allows the educator to use the work of other’s (properly cited) to begin the flipping process.

Are you looking for something simple AND free? Jing, will meet the need! The really awesome thing about Jing is that it will easily capture and save, both screen shots and screen recordings. It resides, unobtrusively, behind a sunburst icon at the top of your screen. Jing purpose is to share images and movies with students quickly and easily. At last check there was a five minute limit on the free account and editing was not available. The videos are stored on Tech Smith’s remote server with a 2 gigabyte limit for the free account.

Screencast O Matic
If you are looking for a platform to allow longer recordings, up to 15 minutes, Screencast-o-Matic , may be just what you need. Their site allows users, who must register, the ability to create screen recordings and then storm them in “My Screencasts”. It also provides a method by which the educator can request some to do a particular screencast on a specific subject.

There you have it. The hows, the whys and the tools to begin flipping out. Have you already done so? Let us know how it went. Still have questions? Post them in the comments section to get the answers. Happy flipping!


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