“Thing” From Addams Family Can Now Be Yours!


I loved the original Addams Family TV series. One of my favorite characters was “Thing”, the disembodied hand that roamed the house and could, literally, do anything “one handed”. Just imagine if you had your own “Thing” at your disposal! Ok…maybe that sounds a little creepy to have a hand walking around on all fives! How about the next best thing, ThingLink.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, ThingLink could be worth millions of words! Visit this link for a quick demonstration. ThingLink allows the educator to change static, inert images into interactive tools that communicate important information to your students. You can use ThingLink modules as interactive learning modules that include additional information as well as videos not possible with simple images.

ThingLink has a simple to use editor that allows teachers to embed interactive stories using various types of media found on the internet. By clicking the image, you can access the website that has been linked. Add multiple links to separate items or areas within an image. According to their website, educators can also:

•Create authentic, valuable, and rich interactive stories around historical events using media (video, sound, photos, written words, etc.) found online.
•Annotate graphs and timelines.
•Record an instructional message to students inside an image.
•Embed interactive images into student blogs.
•Enable students to curate content inside an image to demonstrate understanding of a topic

All of the finalized ThingLink modules can be shared and embedded through almost any method of electronic transfer.


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