Imprez Them With Prezi!

Like it or not, presentation software is here to stay. However, you don’t have to stay with the Microsoft version. Instead, check out the online solution called Prezi. Prezi is a web-­‐based Powerpoint like tool that uses a single canvas to convey thoughts and ideas. This is done my zooming and magnifying pictures within pictures. One of the biggest differences that you will see with Prezi is that, unlike Powerpoint, it is not linear, going from slide to slide. Instead, it moves from one idea to the other in what might appear to be a disjointed manner. Instead of being a detraction, this is one of the strongest points of the software. An excellent example of a Prezi can be found at this link.

A educational account can be set up for not cost. It might be important to know that A Prezi is public by default. In order to make a presentation private you would need to have either an education or an upgraded


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