Take Your Students Out Of The Classroom

If you need to meet with students outside of regular class hours, it can be real hassle to find the time and place to meet.  Sure, you can always subscribe to an online meeting platform, but your budget might not allow it. 

If you only need a basic online room to meet and discuss or review with students, the folks over at AnyMeeting might be what you are looking for.   Their software is web based so no one ever needs to download anything, making it much faster to get into your meetings. They also have iPad and Android Tablet apps so that your mobile students can join your classes as well.  Setting up and launching a class session couldn’t be easier.  Just enter meeting details and the email addresses of your attendees and you’re ready to go. Participants will receive an email with meeting details and a link to join your meeting.  If you hit the “big time” and want to charge for your classes, it integrates with Pay Pal so money issues are minimized. 

If you need a basic online meeting platform, and don’t mind a few ads in the sidebars, then you should seriously consider using AnyMeeting.  By signing up for a free AnyMeeting account, you can host up to 200 students simultaneously as well as having all of the same features as the paid program, with the exception of the ability to record your class.  The free platform is advertiser supported with non-intrusive ads in one of the sidebars. This is a great way to have a trial run to see if upgrading to a paid program is what you might need in the future. 


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