Wouldn’t It Be Nice???

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all had access to high tech learning management systems and bubble scanning sheets to make your life as an educator easier? Well…why not!

Mastery Connect offers assessment tools that provide a miltiple of ways to gett both formative and summative assessment results. They make grading fast, automatic and easy. Using their GradeCam(TM) Bubble sheet scanning software you can scan from your document camera…or…wait for it…your Ipad!

If you want to, you can go completely paperless and give exams that can be created on any brand of tablet or mobile device. But wait! There’s more! Using the Browser Assessment and Scoring website, you can deliver those exams through either a PC or a Mac web browser.

Sure…I hear you! What’s an exam delivery system without getting feedback on how your students are doing or if your exams are effective. They have you covered there as well. Get rapid feedback via reports on item analysis and student mastery reports. The results can then be exported to any gradebook. Scoot on over to Mastery Connect to learn more.


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