Now You Can Have An LMS That Is Affordable

TalentLMS© is a learning management system (LMS) designed for small to medium sized groups including educational organizations. For many educational programs, having an LMS with the robust features of Blackboard™, can be a challenge financially. On the other hand, not having an LMS to incorporate the benefits of distance learning can be a barrier. TalentLMS is a bridge over that gap.

TalentLMS provides a secure route for you to share your class material with your students. According to their website, “All data is transmitted over a secure and encrypted channel. People cannot share your material with their URL since it is expires after a few minutes.” In addition, if you offer continuing education courses, it is easy to set the system up so that once a student completes the course; they will be able to download documentation of that course completion.

The cloud based system also provides an effective method of communicating with your students. The educator is able to send messages to individuals, groups within the class or the entire class. It also provides the ability to send an email message on pre-determined dates/times such as reminders of important activities within the class.

The pricing plan (accurate as of November 6, 2013) is shown below. If you are looking for a cost effective method of incorporating distance learning within your program, TalentLMS might fit the bill.



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