A Medical Movie With No Medical Words!

Each year I have my EMS students create a video as part of a capstone project for their class. The rules are that they must make the video themselves, although they can involve other friends, family, pets etc. Also the video must be at or below the PG-13 level. I assign them a disease process such as diabetes, congestive heart failure or others and then they must produce a 3-5 minute video that explains the pathophysiology of this disease process WITHOUT USING ANY MEDICAL LANGUAGE!

Throughout the year they (the students) have had case studies and other presentations on their final project topic. It isn’t like they haven’t refreshed the information as they have had, at least, two other up front presentations on it to give to the entire class.

Typically, the students creativity shows forth and the time and effort that it takes to convert a medical subject into one that contains no medical language or jargon forces them to concentrate on the processes and how they relate to ordinary, every day life. For the time that I have been using this process, it seems that the students grasp of these topics skyrockets.


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