Khards (Not the Kardashians!) For Mobile Learning

Research shows that the use of games in the educational process is a very effective way of teaching. How many of us have time to build a game from scratch though? Kahrds is an interactive learning website that allows teachers to create and deploy chapter notes, games, flashcards and tests. According to their website, “Graduates, working professionals – now that you are finished with school, you are still learning or acquiring new skills but this time, for your job – CPA exams, MCAT, LSAT, various certifications in any given career field such as nursing, payroll, business analysis, project management…”

Educators are able to create review exams with any device that will connect to Kahrds whether a computer, tablet or smart phone. Based on the information that the instructor puts into the website, the free system will provide you with the usual flash card games, but also includes others such as hangman, crossword puzzles as well as a couple of different types of multiple choice question banks. The website includes videos on how to set up your account as well as how to enter the class information.


Once all of your class information is entered, the information will be sent by email to all of your students. By having multiple varieties of games for your students to engage in, Kahrds provides them with differing options for individual self study preferences. They choose which games they like and study in the process.


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