Resuscitate Your Patient Assessments with Resuscitate!!

Resuscitation! is an iOS based patient simulator that gives you a scenario of a patient who is sick.  You take on the doctor who is attempting to diagnose the problem.  It is pretty cool in that you are able to do a history and physical as well as once you have arrived at a diagnosis begin the treatment in the right manner. 


Although each scenario takes place in the context of an ER, the skills sets that are practiced are pretty much the same.  The number of treatments available exceeds the scope of practice of a paramedic, but the ability to practice patient assessment is awesome.  There is an excellent amount of detail that accompanies each case; however some of the graphics are of low resolution.  Some users have reported difficulty with the ECGs.


Simulation actively responds to what you do (look at the cardiac monitor).  Resuscitation! awards good points for proper treatment and removes points for malpractice.  On each patient treatment, you receive a ranking from medical student to attending physician.  When you finally submit your results you are forced to pick a diagnosis and where you would like to admit them.


You then get a detailed breakdown of your results and a case discussion. There is a cost for the full access to Resuscitation!, however, the software grants you the ability to assess and treat five patients for free.  Kind of a test drive. 
If you find that you like it, another 19 can be unlocked with an in-app purchase of $2.99.


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