Medrills…Take Patient Simulation Home With You

Medrill 2

Medrills is an incredible set of apps for iOS and Android systems that incorporate simulation on “small” scale. The problem with most simulation programs is that they require massive amounts of space, money and skill. Medrills allows you to experience patient care simulation in the comfort of your own home. Their applications are designed to be simple to use while providing the information from a virtual patient to enhance learning.

Medrill 1

What skills does Medrills cover?
Obtaining IV Access / Initiate IV / Manage IV
– Cricothyroidotomy (Cricothyrotomy)
– Medication Port
– NCD for Pneumothorax
– Hemorrhage Control / Hemostatic Dressing
– Administering Medicine
– Suctioning Airway
– Performing CPR
– Airway Management
– Triage
– Administer Oxygen
– Hypovolemic Shock
– Fracture
– Spinal Cord Injury
– Saline Lock
– Control Bleeding
– Pressure Dressing
– Tourniquet
– Administering Morphine

Medrill 3

Key concepts of EMS are emphasized along the way. This app will allow you to experience the steps needed to execute with each high risk medical procedure thus strengthening its place in your memory. In addition, it is possible to earn continuing education credit that is CECBEMS accredited while using the application. Medrills is an excellent way to view and experience the thrill of new EMS skills


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