Get In Cahoots With Kahoot!

The ability to deliver online quizzes and review assignments is an important one. However, for the EMS educator on a budget, it might as well be impossible. Kahoot is a quiz creation site that works on any device your students might have. With it, you are able to develop and execute quizzes that students, as long as they have web access, can answer.
kahoot 00
The question format is multiple choice. It’s actually pretty easy to set up your exam, add the distractors (wrong answer) and select the right one. The pretty cool thing is that you can add an image or video to your questions such as heart or lung and incorporate that image with your question.
kahoot 1
Once the educator has completed the exam, it is launched. As the students log into the website for it, they are given directions on how to access your test. All they have to do is enter a PIN number and their name and they are ready to test. Kahoot is a little different than online exam makers as the questions don’t actually appear on the student’s computer or phone. The questions are displayed on the teacher’s device and only the answers are on the students.
Each of the possible answers are color coded as well as having a symbol assigned to it. A time limit can be set by the teacher and, as an added bonus, students can get more points by correctly choosing the right answer quickly. After the time has expired for each question, the number of students who have selected each answer is displayed. If so desired, it can be made into a contest with the educator showing a leaderboard for the out front team.
kahoot 3
Kahoot is a great tool for turning simple multiple choice questions into a competitive game that could be either team or individual based.


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