Flip Your World With Knowmia Teach!

Knowmia Teach is a recording tool for educators who might be interested in “flipping” their classroom, but who don’t want to drop down a chunk of change for other more expensive screen casting software. The instructor is able to create a short video lesson and then publish it on the Knowmia website so that their students (and others) have access to them. It is really quite simple to add graphics and organize your presentation much like Powerpoint ®. Your picture and voice are recorded as you use your hand as the stylus.

An example of how this could be used in the EMS classroom can be found at this excellent presentation on the Tetrology of Fallot


Some of the features include:
• Build your lesson out of individual steps (like slides) so it’s easy to manage and organize – each step is a separate whiteboard
• Record everything that you do as well as your voice and video to create the lesson step-by-step
• Capture your face in the video as you narrate the steps
• Import images, graphics or video clips from the iPad’s media library and built-in camera – or paste in any image of your own
• Select from a wide range of background options
• Make it easy for others to find your lesson by including tags that you choose yourself

If you have been wanting to experiment with the flipped classroom, Knowmia Teach might be just the ticket.


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