You’ve Heard of Tool Time, Now Meet Exam Time!


ExamTime provides free study tools for students and teachers. ExamTime has been developed to help students make studying more than a static endeavor but to add activity in to it. The natural and easy to use tools in ExamTime allow users to create and share study resources that can make learning easier and fun at the same time. Plus, ExamTime is allowing teachers the freedom to easily form learning groups to share resources and conduct discussions.


ExamTime has four major study tools that are part of its portfolio of offerings. They can be used in class, or as out of class study aids for you and your pupils. You can click on the links below to see more benefits for each tool but simply put:
Mind maps are perfect for brainstorming. In addition, they are excellent for following patient scenarios.
Flashcards are great for memorizing facts, formulas, dates, vocab and lower levels of information.
Quizzes are ideal for ensuring your students have retained the info they need. They are also a fun and engaging way of having your students compete against each other
Notes are indispensable when it comes to compiling a lot of info and resources in one place. You insert videos, images even slide shows!

ExamTime has specific templates for storing all of your content. The study planner also makes it easy to build a schedule for your classes and your after-class study sessions, so you can make sure you’re studying the right topics at the best times. In addition, depending upon your preferences, everything you post can be made public or private. Comparing notes and collaborating just got easier.


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