Add Interactivity To Your Powerpoint Presentations

Presentain is an app that make doing education presentations fun again! Not only are you able to present your slides in an easy to use method that incorporates your smart phone, you can now make your presentations INTERACTVE!!


Your smart phone becomes a smart slide clicker. You are able to record your presentation and share it with you students later via a number of social media sites. With this sharing comes the ability for your students to interact with you even more.


When you begin your presentation, your students are given information as to how to log into the Presentain site that includes a dedicated PIN that is assigned to your presentation. Not only can they view the slides up on the screen, but they can also see them on their device in real time.


Wait! There’s more! As you are presenting, your students can submit questions to you. When they do, a small notification pops up on your smart phone. When you feel that the time is right, you are in complete control to address the question or ignore it.


Within Presentain the instructor can create polls and short formative evaluations using multiple choice questions. As the administrator of the site, you are able to see responses in live time as well as view a pie style chart of the responses of your students.


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