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Add Interactivity To Your Powerpoint Presentations

Presentain is an app that make doing education presentations fun again! Not only are you able to present your slides in an easy to use method that incorporates your smart phone, you can now make your presentations INTERACTVE!!


Your smart phone becomes a smart slide clicker. You are able to record your presentation and share it with you students later via a number of social media sites. With this sharing comes the ability for your students to interact with you even more.


When you begin your presentation, your students are given information as to how to log into the Presentain site that includes a dedicated PIN that is assigned to your presentation. Not only can they view the slides up on the screen, but they can also see them on their device in real time.


Wait! There’s more! As you are presenting, your students can submit questions to you. When they do, a small notification pops up on your smart phone. When you feel that the time is right, you are in complete control to address the question or ignore it.


Within Presentain the instructor can create polls and short formative evaluations using multiple choice questions. As the administrator of the site, you are able to see responses in live time as well as view a pie style chart of the responses of your students.

How About Padding Your Students Learning Environment

Padlet is an online bulletin board that educators can use to encourage collaborative learning. For example, an instructor could pose an open ended question and get a discussion going regarding a particular medical or social issue.


Students also have the opportunity to develop and post their own questions for input from their classmates. This is an excellent web site for group projects or to use as an exit ticket for end of the day assessment of learning.


Once you have set up your “wall” by registering with the website, you or your students can add a note simply by double clicking on the wall. Padlet is not limited to words only. Audio, images as well as video can be added in the same manner.


Padlet may seem simple, but the most effective online tools often are simple to use and implement. There is a 150 word limit, but this could work to your advantage by forcing your students to think more about their response before posting it.

Free Webinar–Google Ed Apps for Dummies

Google Ed Apps for Dummies – 12:00 pm Eastern on 6/18/2014
Taught by Bill Young, M.S. NREMT-P
Held in partnership with the National Association for EMS Educators andBrady Publishing Co.

Louis Armstrong once sang, “…and I think to myself…what a wonderful world!” Google has made online education easier and more accessible with its entourage of FREE education apps. This online session looks at what to use and how to use them.

Visit this link to register

You’ve Heard of Tool Time, Now Meet Exam Time!


ExamTime provides free study tools for students and teachers. ExamTime has been developed to help students make studying more than a static endeavor but to add activity in to it. The natural and easy to use tools in ExamTime allow users to create and share study resources that can make learning easier and fun at the same time. Plus, ExamTime is allowing teachers the freedom to easily form learning groups to share resources and conduct discussions.


ExamTime has four major study tools that are part of its portfolio of offerings. They can be used in class, or as out of class study aids for you and your pupils. You can click on the links below to see more benefits for each tool but simply put:
Mind maps are perfect for brainstorming. In addition, they are excellent for following patient scenarios.
Flashcards are great for memorizing facts, formulas, dates, vocab and lower levels of information.
Quizzes are ideal for ensuring your students have retained the info they need. They are also a fun and engaging way of having your students compete against each other
Notes are indispensable when it comes to compiling a lot of info and resources in one place. You insert videos, images even slide shows!

ExamTime has specific templates for storing all of your content. The study planner also makes it easy to build a schedule for your classes and your after-class study sessions, so you can make sure you’re studying the right topics at the best times. In addition, depending upon your preferences, everything you post can be made public or private. Comparing notes and collaborating just got easier.

Flip Your Quizzes with FLIPQUIZ

The research shows that gaming in the classroom enhances learning. FlipQuiz will help the educator provide the games that meet the needs of his or her classroom. In the past it has been time consuming to create even simple games and now with FlipQuiz game creation is so much easier.


Using FlipQuiz allows you to create and save your games to use at a later date. But wait…there’s more! FlipQuiz frees you up to access your games anywhere you have access to the internet. No longer will you slap yourself on your head for forgetting tonight’s game on your computer at home.

In addition to being able to add questions and answers to your game component, FlipQuiz gives you the option of inserting links with the answers so that students can quiz themselves thus serving as an alternative to those dull flash cards of the past.


Hopefully by now, you have familiarized yourself with the “Flipped Classroom” concept and the many benefits that it brings to the education environment. You might even be ready to test the waters with your first flipped lecture. Remember to start simple and start small! Doodlecast Pro can help to meet both of those requirements.

Doodlecast Pro is an easy to use iOS based app to create flipped lectures for your students. This app will record what you say as you draw on the screen with a stylus or even your finger to help create quick lectures that can then be shared with others. Once saved, it is not difficult to import them into most common video formats to edit for a polished look.
Some of the best features include:
•An easy “undo” button for those times when what you see is not what you want.
•The ability to save your videos directly to your photo album for easy retrieval.
•Self-contained support and access to Dropbox, YouTube as well as the ability to email.
•Multiple choices of brush color and width to make just the right point in just the right place.

According to the Doodlecast Pro website, the purposes and ranges of videos include:
•Doodlecast Pro helps you create and share videos for a range of purposes:
•Prepare lessons to share with your students.
•Create video school reports on your favourite topic.
•Provide feedback on visual designs, layouts, or charts.
•Annotate charts and graphs for business presentations.
• Capture mind maps and notes during brainstorming sessions.

Change Your Lesson Up With A Game!

Kubbu is an e-learning tool designed to enhance the learning process and just interject some fun!


Some of the activities available with Kubbu include:

Match -Matching helps your student assimilate new words, meanings, concepts, synonyms, etc.

Divide – used when some notions, terms, concepts or definitions must be classified into categories or groups.

Slider – a type of a dynamic quiz. It contains three types of activities, classic single and multiple choice questions with four answers, as well as a unique “climb up” quiz
which leaves no place for mistakes.

Composer – a tool for teachers who want to introduce their own concept of a quiz. With Composer you can create quizzes with single and multiple choice questions,
true/false questions, fill-in or short answer questions. Pictures as well as sound files can be integrated to make your quizzes fully multimedia and interactive.

Crossword – with a crossword generator you can create crosswords using your own list of words.

Educators are able to sign up for a free account with the following limitations such as 15 activities per month, embedded advertisements and a watermark on all documents. A free account that opens access exponentially is $35 dollars per year. This level allows up to 100 activities per month with classes of up to 200 students.

Get more information at KUBBU

Avoid A Fate Worse Than Waterboarding!

PowerPoint can cause a slow painful death!


When your student sees this slide as the opening slide, that is his signal to


Dodge (Bullet) City



Don’t forget to spell check before you present!


Objects on the screen can be excellent, but just make sure that you don’t over do it!
Otherwise your students end up


So…how do we fix it?

Sometimes the best slides have no _ _ _ _ _ at all…just



Try something radical and give your presentation
Give your next lecture old school…without PowerPoint!