Flip Your Quizzes with FLIPQUIZ

The research shows that gaming in the classroom enhances learning. FlipQuiz will help the educator provide the games that meet the needs of his or her classroom. In the past it has been time consuming to create even simple games and now with FlipQuiz game creation is so much easier.


Using FlipQuiz allows you to create and save your games to use at a later date. But wait…there’s more! FlipQuiz frees you up to access your games anywhere you have access to the internet. No longer will you slap yourself on your head for forgetting tonight’s game on your computer at home.

In addition to being able to add questions and answers to your game component, FlipQuiz gives you the option of inserting links with the answers so that students can quiz themselves thus serving as an alternative to those dull flash cards of the past.



Hopefully by now, you have familiarized yourself with the “Flipped Classroom” concept and the many benefits that it brings to the education environment. You might even be ready to test the waters with your first flipped lecture. Remember to start simple and start small! Doodlecast Pro can help to meet both of those requirements.

Doodlecast Pro is an easy to use iOS based app to create flipped lectures for your students. This app will record what you say as you draw on the screen with a stylus or even your finger to help create quick lectures that can then be shared with others. Once saved, it is not difficult to import them into most common video formats to edit for a polished look.
Some of the best features include:
•An easy “undo” button for those times when what you see is not what you want.
•The ability to save your videos directly to your photo album for easy retrieval.
•Self-contained support and access to Dropbox, YouTube as well as the ability to email.
•Multiple choices of brush color and width to make just the right point in just the right place.

According to the Doodlecast Pro website, the purposes and ranges of videos include:
•Doodlecast Pro helps you create and share videos for a range of purposes:
•Prepare lessons to share with your students.
•Create video school reports on your favourite topic.
•Provide feedback on visual designs, layouts, or charts.
•Annotate charts and graphs for business presentations.
• Capture mind maps and notes during brainstorming sessions.

Change Your Lesson Up With A Game!

Kubbu is an e-learning tool designed to enhance the learning process and just interject some fun!


Some of the activities available with Kubbu include:

Match -Matching helps your student assimilate new words, meanings, concepts, synonyms, etc.

Divide – used when some notions, terms, concepts or definitions must be classified into categories or groups.

Slider – a type of a dynamic quiz. It contains three types of activities, classic single and multiple choice questions with four answers, as well as a unique “climb up” quiz
which leaves no place for mistakes.

Composer – a tool for teachers who want to introduce their own concept of a quiz. With Composer you can create quizzes with single and multiple choice questions,
true/false questions, fill-in or short answer questions. Pictures as well as sound files can be integrated to make your quizzes fully multimedia and interactive.

Crossword – with a crossword generator you can create crosswords using your own list of words.

Educators are able to sign up for a free account with the following limitations such as 15 activities per month, embedded advertisements and a watermark on all documents. A free account that opens access exponentially is $35 dollars per year. This level allows up to 100 activities per month with classes of up to 200 students.

Get more information at KUBBU

Avoid A Fate Worse Than Waterboarding!

PowerPoint can cause a slow painful death!


When your student sees this slide as the opening slide, that is his signal to


Dodge (Bullet) City



Don’t forget to spell check before you present!


Objects on the screen can be excellent, but just make sure that you don’t over do it!
Otherwise your students end up


So…how do we fix it?

Sometimes the best slides have no _ _ _ _ _ at all…just



Try something radical and give your presentation
Give your next lecture old school…without PowerPoint!

Your Next Students Assignment Might Come “Mission Impossible” Style

If you are a person of a “certain age”, you might remember the Mission Impossible series. No, not the one with Tom Cruise but the one with Peter Graves. The Impossible Missions Force (IMF), a small team of secret agents used for covert missions against ruthless, evil leader; evil organizations and big crime bosses .At the beginning of each show, the assignment was always presented with a creative tape recording that outlined the details. At the end of it, the “tape will self-destruct in five seconds” ending in a puff of smoke. What if you could make a progressive assignment for your students that incorporated elements of Mission Impossible and The Amazing Race.

Set up your outgoing voicemail message for learners to call in and listen to as a part of an activity. Wondering how you might use this? Here an example: the message could be a scenario, provide clues that learners need to use to solve a puzzle, or address a series of questions as part of an activity.

Now, I fully understand that the last thing you want is for your phone to be ringing at all hours of the day. No problem. Google Voice grants you access to a single phone number that, if desired, rings all of your phones, saves your voicemail online, and transcribes your voicemail to text. It can also be set so that no calls are forwarded to any of your phones. The cool thing is the Google Voice is free. Give this a try today…and don’t forget “As always, should you or any of your I.M. Force be caught or killed, the Secretary will disavow any knowledge of your actions.”1

1. White, Patrick J (1991), The Complete Mission: Impossible Dossier, New York: Avon Books.

Infogram For Mr. Smith!! Infogram For Mr. Smith!!

Wikipedia describes an infographic as a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or data. In other words, a picture is worth a thousand words. Infographics make it easier to digest a large amount of information in a short period of time. Developing a very high quality infographic makes it more than thirty times likely that your student will read the material than if in text form alone.1 For an excellent example of an EMS related infographic take a look at the one below based upon stroke symptoms.

stroke 1

Inforgram is an excellent website to easily develop quality infographics. This web based software provides templates, designs as well as other tools to research and develop professional and interesting looking charts and infographics. You can set up an independent account or log in from your Facebook site. The values that you embed within the infographic can be accessed from an Excel file or from the build in spreadsheet.

infographic 2

Infogr.am infographics can include videos and maps along with pictures and text. Your Infogr.am projects can be embedded into your blog, website, or wiki.

1. http://www.pr2020.com/blog/the-case-for-content-marketing

Get In Cahoots With Kahoot!

The ability to deliver online quizzes and review assignments is an important one. However, for the EMS educator on a budget, it might as well be impossible. Kahoot is a quiz creation site that works on any device your students might have. With it, you are able to develop and execute quizzes that students, as long as they have web access, can answer.
kahoot 00
The question format is multiple choice. It’s actually pretty easy to set up your exam, add the distractors (wrong answer) and select the right one. The pretty cool thing is that you can add an image or video to your questions such as heart or lung and incorporate that image with your question.
kahoot 1
Once the educator has completed the exam, it is launched. As the students log into the website for it, they are given directions on how to access your test. All they have to do is enter a PIN number and their name and they are ready to test. Kahoot is a little different than online exam makers as the questions don’t actually appear on the student’s computer or phone. The questions are displayed on the teacher’s device and only the answers are on the students.
Each of the possible answers are color coded as well as having a symbol assigned to it. A time limit can be set by the teacher and, as an added bonus, students can get more points by correctly choosing the right answer quickly. After the time has expired for each question, the number of students who have selected each answer is displayed. If so desired, it can be made into a contest with the educator showing a leaderboard for the out front team.
kahoot 3
Kahoot is a great tool for turning simple multiple choice questions into a competitive game that could be either team or individual based.

Resuscitate Your Patient Assessments with Resuscitate!!


Resuscitation! is an iOS based patient simulator that gives you a scenario of a patient who is sick.  You take on the doctor who is attempting to diagnose the problem.  It is pretty cool in that you are able to do a history and physical as well as once you have arrived at a diagnosis begin the treatment in the right manner. 


Although each scenario takes place in the context of an ER, the skills sets that are practiced are pretty much the same.  The number of treatments available exceeds the scope of practice of a paramedic, but the ability to practice patient assessment is awesome.  There is an excellent amount of detail that accompanies each case; however some of the graphics are of low resolution.  Some users have reported difficulty with the ECGs.


Simulation actively responds to what you do (look at the cardiac monitor).  Resuscitation! awards good points for proper treatment and removes points for malpractice.  On each patient treatment, you receive a ranking from medical student to attending physician.  When you finally submit your results you are forced to pick a diagnosis and where you would like to admit them.


You then get a detailed breakdown of your results and a case discussion. There is a cost for the full access to Resuscitation!, however, the software grants you the ability to assess and treat five patients for free.  Kind of a test drive. 
If you find that you like it, another 19 can be unlocked with an in-app purchase of $2.99.