Flippity Do Da Those Flippin Flashcards!

Google Docs has a treasure chest of tools that help the EMS educator teach in a more effective manner.  Google Spreadsheets has a special script that allows you to turn those spreadsheets into flash cards.  Free?  Yes!  The easiest way to complete the task?  Not so much. 

Enter Flippity.  On its website Flippity provides easy to follow directions for creating flashcards.  All you have to do is enter the data from your spreadsheet, publish through Google and then go to the Flippity link.  Once there, your students will be able to flip through their flash cards to their hearts content!  As an educator, you can also make and share flash cards with your students.  As a bonus, Flippity has a shuffle function.  Once you have mastered the information, you or your students can remove those cards from your deck so that you no longer have to see them.

I highly recommend Flippity for its ease as well as its price.  Free!