Do, Or Do Not. There Is No “Try”. – Yoda (The Empire Strikes Back)

In the educational arena, testing is a very hot topic right now. Some for…some against. Yoda would have understood the value of appropriate testing. However, testing can serve a valuable purpose in, not only identifying students who are struggling, but allowing educators to know “who” is struggling as well as “what” they are struggling in. With this post, we begin a series of three very useful tools that will allow you to develop and deploy online exams in your class. Let’s begin with Socrative!


Socrative is a free quiz/ survey tool that can be used in place of “clicker” systems that can cost hundreds of dollars. Socrative enables the educator to create exams and quizzes via either a multiple choice or short answer format. It also includes a Space Race game that could be effective in some class populations.


Socrative differs from Poll Everywhere in that you have the option of allowing your students to submit information anonymously or you can require them to identify themselves by name. It is compatible with Apple, Android or Microsoft tablets, phones and computers.


One of the better features about Socrative is that students do not need to create any type of account with the software company. According to their website, “Socrative takes teachers 3 minutes to set up and takes their classes 20 seconds to load.” It typically takes me a little longer to get an exam ready to go, but with more use an educator could reach that goal. When you set up and deploy the exam, you are given a “room number” that allows them to begin the exam. As stated above, any device that allows access to the internet will work.